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Listen: “God Complex” – Laura Elliot

There is nothing quite like a strong, vocal-lead ballad about a narcissistic boy to brighten your midweek listening. Singer-songwriter Laura Elliot hits the nail on the head with “God Complex,” track seven from her debut album, People Pleaser. The track revolves around Elliot’s relationship with a boy who has a…

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plum cover art widowspeak

Album Review: Plum (2020) – Widowspeak

So much of it is centered around allowing things to be what they are, and just noticing. I tried to notice more, and I think those observations became the songs. Molly Hamilton on the origin of Plum The only word to describe my personal experience while listening to Widowspeak’s Plum…

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Listen: “Umami” – Klô Pelgag

I felt like I was this old man going into himself, for I don’t know how long. I wanted to return with answers. Klô Pelgag on writing “Umami” “I wrote ‘Umami’ shortly after revisiting Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea,’” 32-year-old Klô Pelgag shared in a press release. The…

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Listen: “Alrighty Aphrodite” – Peach Pit

My childhood fantasies of Greek and Roman mythology were reignited when I stumbled upon this Peach Pit track a few weeks ago. Initially released in 2017, “Alrighty Aphrodite” was one of the first singles off the Vancouver-based band’s debut album, Being So Normal, in 2018.  The song uses the goddess…

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papooz none of this matters now cover art

Listen: “Hell of a Woman” – Papooz

As musicians, we needed to be way more demanding of ourselves. Ulysse Cottin, on limiting distractions while writing and recording None of This Matters Now Armand Penicaut and Ulysse Cottin, the key players in French indie-pop duo, Papooz, have been best friends since meeting at a Patti Smith show in…

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ta main cover art

Listen: “Ta main” – Ariane Roy

In 2021, singer-songwriter and guitarist, Ariane Roy was presented with Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame’s Slaight Music Emerging Songwriter Award. Now, although the first, say, 13 times I listened to “Ta main,” it was based on pure vibes alone. After translating the lyrics to English (I do not speak nor…

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papercuts palm sunday artwork

Listen: “Palm Sunday” – Papercuts

It’s about lost love and unfulfilled potential. Quever, on “Palm Sunday” The man behind the curtain of Papercuts, Jason Quever, is a lifetime student of the philosophy of music. Gaining and imparting his wisdom throughout his musical career, his talent for arrangement has graced tracks belonging to Beach House, Sugar…

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