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Listen: “Can I Leave Me Too?” / “Float Away” – The Greeting Committee

It wasn’t overthinking. It just felt like a genuine stream of consciousness and self-expression. I hope that’s what people hear. Brandon Yangmi on “Float Away,” Rice and Spice Magazine Here’s the thing– are these singles particularly emo? Yes. Do they still hit the spot? Absolutely. And that’s what matters. Kansas City’s The Greeting Committee has managed to pry themselves out of the box they’ve been hiding in for 2 years with “Can I Leave Me Too?” and “Float Away.” The singles follow the alt-indie band’s 2019 EP, I’m Afraid I’m Not Angry and 2018 album, This Is It, a project […]

Listen: “Off The Drugs” – TOBi feat. Mick Jenkins

“Life, to me, is a good trip if you let it be.” TOBi Today’s song is one with some of my favorite elements: horns and Mick Jenkins. The third single from TOBi this year is one that’s been in constant rotation since its release last week. When I say “constant rotation,” I mean exactly that. Forwards and backwards, up and down, side to side, this song was run into the ground and dug back up just to be run into the ground again. Based off of title alone, you may assume this single is in favor of sobriety, but on […]

shantel may don't let them see you cry cover art

Listen: Don’t Let Them See You Cry – Shantel May

It’s pretty clear that 2021 has been a good year for women in R&B, starting strong with the release of Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales in January. Sullivan is one of a handful of artists effectively setting the precedent (and the bar awfully high) for others who fall into that category of music. Toronto-based vocal powerhouse, Shantel May gracefully rises to the challenge with the release of Don’t Let Them See You Cry. The EP is just a small appetizer for the 5-course meal that’s sure to come. Although there’s some push and pull throughout the EP– some tracks standing out […]

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Greetings and peace be with you. I’m Jessica. A girl who grew up thinking she wanted to be the junkie manic-pixie-dream-girl, Penny Lane, who would one day flee to Morocco and never look back, only to find that who she really wanted to be was Cameron Crowe, deep in the trenches of music journalism. I started The Greater Good in 2020, originally, as a creative byproduct of anxiety and an overwhelming need for distraction. As time and an immeasurable amount of self-reflection finally began healing some of those wounds, The Greater Good became less of a distraction for me and more of a passion, or purpose.

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