Look & Listen

Celebrating Black Artists

The Greater Good has decided to take several moments to highlight the talent and creativity of Black artists in the music community. The list could go on for years, so I’ve made a playlist. Enjoy the good and fight for what’s greater– equality and justice.

Here is a good resource for those struggling to understand what the #blacklivesmatter movement means. Here is an article explaining why you should consider donating to funds for POC-run nonprofits so they may have the same opportunities as their White counterparts. Here is a good resource for when to take action in the ballot booth. Here and here are reading lists of published literature on anti-racism, so you may use it to educate yourself and those around you. Here is a resourceful list of documentaries about police brutality throughout history. Here is some excellent research explaining the psychological effects of gendered racism towards Black women, who are historically and disproportionately marginalized in society. Here is a great resource highlighting the importance of intersectional feminism.

Do your part, do your research, and stay informed.

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