AyeGritty is Figuring It Out

Having hands in multiple arenas of performative art in the city, Gritty has collaborated with a wide range of local creatives. When asked about the best piece of advice given to him by a fellow artist, he mentioned Mariah Ivey, poet and facilitator of That Peace Open Mic, saying, “She told me one time when we were talking about writer’s block, ‘Sometimes when you have writer’s block, that just means you have to stop and go live more life, go experience,’ and that really helped me out because I think that as an artist, it can be easy to put pressure on yourself,” Gritty continues, “I write when I’m inspired, so you have to let life continue to inspire you. It’s good to let yourself take some time to be inspired.”

The Greater Good’s mission statement is Music With a Purpose, to shed light on the ways music can bridge societal and cultural gaps, and to concentrate on artists with a message or story to tell. When asked what his mission statement is as an artist, Gritty said, “Figuring it out is a cycle, something you’re always doing. The project ended with God, and God is love; I think that’s always the message– to live and lead by love.”

Listen to AyeGritty’s project, Figuring It Out, here.

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